Let’s see today’s newspaper…

OK… on page A2 there is… there is a picture of a Blue Dragon penguin costume… a clue for the midevil party?

On page A4 there is an explanation on how you get the coins… through the mail… does that mean there will be items coming in through mail, too?

Also it say on page A6 the stage is having a mystery play… perhaps something from penguin chat 3. ( The Older Clubpenguin!)

The “Check It Out” theme this time is Shopping, which you can read all about is on page B1.

The Aunt Arctic segment has two questions answered errrrr…. somewhat. Like how to tell your penguins age or one about “Fire Fighters”. Starts on B5

The Top Secrets page on B8 explains about how to catch Mullet (In Aqua Grabber!) This will go on the upcoming game secrets page.

On page C1 there are some funny jokes! And a few tricky Riddles.

The game is Puffle- So -Cute -O. You can play it on page C6!

The upcoming events are:

May 8-17 party!

May 1st penguins get paid for jobs (Scroll over penguins get paid, 😉 )

New Penguin Style starting May 1st (Strangely, the  description is in old English)

May 8 – June 11 new play!

Pin findable at Dojo Courtyard until May 7th!

That’s all for now…

~Shark Out and…Pika...