OK new catalog… here’s the secrets…

Page Three: Click on one of the black bricks for Crystal Staff.
Page Five:Click on the Dragon shadow to get a blue dragon costume!
Page Four: Click the HUGE blue window for the woodsman hat!
Page Seven: Click one of the Coffee cups for a black graduation cap!
Page Fourteen: Click where the lights intersect for red viking helmets! Open and close for one that’s blue!
Page Seventeen: Click the “fee” in coffee for the spikester!
Page Eighteen: Click the purple hoodies pocket for a Pink Boa!
Well that’s this month’s catalog cheats! Well here’s so other news:
All over clubpenguin there are mysterious objects; for the party?

Oh and before I forget there’s a new header for the site: celebrating chapter one of Pufflemon! It will change with the chapters! Tah Tah for now… Just Kidding!

~Shark Out!