OK… I know this is Pokemon and Clubpenguin website, but E-102 is just such an awesome character that I wanted to have a post tribute him! Here’s an awesome picture of him!

Favorite Robot Of All Time

Pretty cool huh? Well if you want to know what game he’s from is Sonic Adventure or Sonic Battle(I think that’s what it’s called)! He was so awesome in these games that I was heartbroken at the end! If you want to know anything else about him, keep reading since it contains many spoilers.

Dr. Eggman made the third E series robot, Gamma. Eggman put him up against his big brother, E-101 beta. E-102 was victorious and beta was sent for improvements. Eggman made more E-Series robots, like:
E-103 Delta
E-104 Epsilon
And E-105 Zeta.
When Eggman instructed Gamma to get Amy’s bird, he took a wrong turn and saw beta being gruesomely being ripped apart and having parts replaced. He then was emotionally scarred. When he went to Amy’s cell to ask for “Birdy” Amy said no way and that changed gammas circuits and rewrote his whole mission and respects. He soon attacked Sonic by Eggmans orders, Sonic nearly destroying him, Amy said he was a good robot and of course, E-102 melted down and became good. He then learned of the “Bird Batteries’ and he destroyed his siblings. He went on the deck of the egg carrier and fought with E-101 Beta mk11. Gamma was tied in the battle because he was destroyed by an unhonored shot up close. Gamma’s bird was released and Gamma’s story was complete.

R.I.P gamma and 😥 …

~Shark out


Pikachu cares for E-102 too!