Seriously! The post today contains information on the Medieval Party and new newspaper! Prepare for some fun! 5…4…3…2… Oh who has time to count?

Part One:The Newspaper

OK… Today’s Updates…

Pages A2-A3 discusses the final part of the Medieval Adventure! Makes a pretty cool story if read it all in order (Bows Head to storytellers)
Pages A4 -A5 tells you to save coins for next weeks clothing catalog! I agree!
Pages A6-A7 reveals the mystery play! I don’t want to ruin anything!
Pages B1-B3 goes into the play more… *yawns*
Pages B5-B7 is Aunt Arctics article. The questions are: The funniest things in clubpenguin and what they do with the decorations (Virtually Impossible to answer, huh?)
Page B8s secret is… SPOILER WARNING! Is about the perfect run. It is on the Currently Working On Game Guides!
Page C1, Like always, has all the Jokes and Riddles!
Page C2 is all about Dance Contest.
Pages C3-C4 has a funny comic! Personally, one of the best parts!
Page C5 is the Puzzle Shuffle game!
Page C6 has the poetry on it, which makes me cry sometimes (Joking!)
Page C7-C8 lists the events!
Pages D1-D2 are just submissions for jokes and stuff.

Part Two: Medieval Party Guide

Now time for the Medieval Party Guide

Kinda like last year, though it’s better decorated! Also in the gift shop there is the Medieval Catalog! It has all sorts of Knightly and Townspeople items! But there is awesome gold knight costumes! Here’s a walkthrough!

1.Go through the giant door in the cave.
2.You will find yourself in a room full of orbs. Turn them all, but be careful, some are tricky!
3. Now when you go through the door, you and some friends hit the targets until the timer hits 0. Don’t forget the shield!
4. The hardest part! A huge maze! Here’s a walk through! Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Up! (P.S, In the first room, get the helmet!)
5. Get the armor and your golden suit is done!

That’s It! *Here’s Snoring*. Plugs guitar into Amplifier, and plays. There now that everyone’s awake, I have some news for you all. I will not do so much until Wednesday or Thursday. My Grandfather died recently… and I just want to stop updating often so I can go to his funeral and say our Goodbyes… so goodbye… for awhile…

~Shark Out for a while and…

pikachu is crying with me