This is Clubpenguin Myth’s Month! That means that every day A Myth will be explained, tested, and finally proven, busted, or unknown. Once a month has passed, it will be Clubpenguin Myth’s Week! What’s today’s myth? SNOW BLASTER!

I will have a “behind the SWF files” and “Behind The Betas” look at this. Let’s start with behind the Beta’s: (Name is censored out by ask, most Beta’s don’t want much attention)

Sharklionjay: Wait there! May I have an interview?

???: Sure!

Several other Myth Of The Month questions later…

Sharklionjay: Well… we’re running out of time! Just let me ask one more question!

???: Yes?

Sharklionjay: Was there any games that did not make the final cut of clubpenguin?

???: Yes there was!

Sharklionjay: Seriously?!? I mean…

???: It was like the Snowball Challenge from the Medieval party, only you got coins, I think it was called Snow Blaster.

Sharklionjay: What did it look like and how was it done?

???: Uhhh…Ummmm… there were targets… and some weird Egyptiany music.

Sharklionjay: Bye…

???: Bye *waddles off into nightclub*

I added the punctuation and better spelling 🙂

Well time to go behind the SWF files!

Well I decided to search the clubpenguin SWF files to find this strange track: ???

Play the track! I want to get some thought on this strange track: Is it a track for the future? A track from the past? A track for Igloos only? Who knows! I will find more Beta’s to find and ask. I will then look for the game in the Clubpenguin Game SWF’s! I’ll find more info! Now for the myth:
Snow blasters is a game that will return by the end of 2009. It will be an updated version of what it once was because of Disney improving everything. Why else would there be a SWF file in the database?
Myth Status: UNKNOWN. The myth makes a good point. I mean, Disney does bring a lot of things back, and the SWF file drives a hard bargain. I have to say, I want to be payed to throw snowballs!

~Shark Out!


Pikachu's on the computer looking for this mystery!