This is day 2 of the Clubpenguin Myth’s Cycle! Woo! Lets get started! (Sorry for the stupidity there 🙂 )

Today’s myth is new continents or countries on Clubpenguin! Myth’s are said, tested, and then getting put as provenbusted, or unknown!

First, I want to find two SWF files that I’ want to share. These SWF files are STRANGE! They have themes that are demented in every kind of way. One’s… Hawaiian, and one’s…Jamaican?  Strange… Anyway… the SWF files. Jamaican, Hawaiian

There is only one way to test this. Go into room SWF’s. Room SWF’s are the SWF files that contain room data, and if I can take a lucky guess… I can find it. I have found a few demented things in SWF files. But the most bizarre is this moving target, when clicked it moves faster and faster and faster until you run out of time and you earn coins. Was this what the beta was speaking of? Or a future event… who knows? Well time for the myth:

Clubpenguin has many tricks up its sleeves. It is possible that with the new language servers, there will be a party celebrating new languages, and two new rooms will be unlocked for us; Jamaica and Hawaii. Maybe even the U.S.A and Europe and all the areas for servers! We might find something new in SWF files!

OK, what I have to say is this myth is… is… unlikely. Or Unknown. Well… the party could work… but what about those being eternal rooms? I don’t believe so! I mean it’s a cool idea, but another map would be needed and a lot of data is needed for this! Well get ready for tomorrow, because it will be about a color! Of penguins!