Time for today’s myth! Odd colors!

An odd choice of a myth, but one of my favorites 🙂 . This myth contains the three most recognized unused colors; White, Silver/Gray, and Lavender.

Myth 1. Albino penguins.

I’ve actually SEEN one. They appear on servers saying there a tester or something and say that they can give people the color if they become there buddy. There probably hackers looking for attention. Don’t hack, its a stupid idea. But here’s the myth:

There will be white penguins in late 2009. This is because those white penguin are testers for clubpenguin for the color. There will be a party like with lime green!
Myth Status: UNKNOWN

Hmmm… that convinces me. Also a picture of a white penguin I made:

I made it myself!

I made it myself!

Lavender: This was supposed to be the color instead of Lime Green! I would like lavender color, and who knows? I found an SWF file with data on Lavender. That means they could use it, and we need more colors, and capes! Here’s the myth:

Because of the leftover data for Lavender, they must have plans to use it somehow! Also, Disney wants to “keep variety” so they’ll eventually use it!
Myth Status: UNKNOWN

Okay… here’s my Lavender Penguin Edit!

Lavender Penguin
Nice huh? 😀

Silver/Gray/Grey: This one has been around since the beginning. When the “Ninja Announcement” came out, people thought that new colors added to the beak. The color gray was then on considered upcoming. It actually did come out… in a different way. The Ninja costume made you “Gray”, but it wasn’t an official color. I just said the myth! Myth Status: Nearly Busted
No picture, sorry!

~Shark Out!


Pikachu is having a good time looking through SWF files with me!