“The countdown has ended and the days ready to go! Take the snail of rockets of dreams and fly the skies! Take time of memory of the mighty rocket snail!”

That is the rocketsnail song! (I made it up!)  Well as the title says, I got some new information on Rocketsnail! Today, you get to play hydrohopper as a frog! Click this to play the game! Anyway you get to play it as a human tomorrow! Hope you like it! Anyway…  I have some fun games you can enjoy from rocketsnail, just wait a couple days! Also today the rocketsnail sent me a special messages saying for me to give you a hint for next Thursday: There will be special information on Penguin Chat 3, along with a slide show!

Hope you’re excited about this to! 😀

Shark Out!

And Pikachu in his special costume:

The pikachu costume!