Hey there! I wanted to tell you something in this post! I play online games other that clubpenguin, here is a list,  I’ll add a poll and a tracker for a certain ninja that’s waddling to ninja hideouts near you!


A fun online game that has tons of islands and adventures and costumes just waiting to be played and to be worn (see costume).




No E-Mail required


Line rider Graphics

Have to pay for costumes

That does it!

Here’s the picture of my account:
The embed code not showing up for you? Try this link then!


Seapals is an online game where you get to play as a fish 🙂 ! You get your own fish to play as, but you just can’t go and make one up yourself! You’ll have to find a store that sells them and get an exclusive code to play as the fish you got! I purchased a Bannerfish Finger Puppet and typed in the code, getting my one and only fish so far… PUFFLEMON! Though if you get a VIP Membership (Its not what you probably think), getting more than 1 seapal, you can play EXCLUSIVE games to your liking, as long as both your fish are happy in their aquarium! You can meet me at the Great Reef most of the time, because I always try to get more pearl points!


Pandana is an online game VERY similar to clubpenguin. It has a lot of games,multiplayer games, and rooms. You can go fishing to catch and keep fish, dance, jump, sleep, and if you have a certain item, fly! You can buy items, eat ice cream, drink potions to grow big, small, invisible, be trapped in a bubble, and turn into a bunny! I hope this has convinced you to play! Also for a limited time bonus, you can log in and get a Blue I’m A Beta Shirt! So log on today!

Now here’s the important poll before I give you the special ninja tracker!

Now the Sesei tracker!