Sorry for not posting! I was working on a project, PUFFLE COINS! (Click PUFFLE COINS! to get to the website!) There, you can learn much of some of my “projects” that are coming soon! But here’s something i’m going to confirm for you guys/girls! TOTAL PENGUIN ISLAND! Total Penguin Island is a special event for those of you that sign up on this post or the post Coming Soon on Total Penguin Island! Anyway, my posting and such will come back tommorow, since its summer break now! Anyway, see this party for the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, where I’m user E-114.

  • Server: Flippers, or if full, Polar Bear. If that’s full, we go on the shout box and choose a server.
  • Time: 8:00 AM PST
  • Date: June 30th, 2009
  • Room: Nightclub

Well thats it!

~Shark Out!


Yes, the new author has joined (Trumpet Fanfare). With the two new authors, the website is perfect at this point! (More trumpets!) I bet you can’t wait for more! Well… wait a few weeks and I might get more; Authors, Editors, Administrators, and Contributors. Well… not much more to say but…

~Shark Out!
~(Oreoano or Wingull0 not given)

Pikacu fives a hint: Authors might get signatures

OK… there’s someone new here… ZERO. That is his only post for awhile… since what he does is something most workers don’t do… let’s jus say he does the “Behind The Scenes Work.” ZERO is his/her codename. He will rule the world some day( Just Kidding!).He also is working on something special… just look at that post saying I AM ZERO… this project is top secret just to repeat! Well… since this is ZERO’s post I will give him his signature, not mine.


New authors coming soon! One is known as Wingull0, and the other is uhhhh… secret. Wingull0 will help out with Pokemon and Clubpenguin. The other is uhhhh… again secret. Keep your eyes on the authors page! And as always and from now on…

~Shark Out!

Oh yes my post ending picture!

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