Character Ideas for pufflemon are welcome here! You can give them information on them, there age, there powers, etc. Well here’s mine I’m using an image cause’ I made the page (NOTE: THIS PAGE HAS SOME SPOILERS!)

Name: Glicer


Power: Flying while leaving a random weather pattern; it only can be seen in the new dimensional light.

Gender: In stories… it is said to be female.

When it appears: Chapter ??? (SECRET!)

Likes: Dimension Exploring Pikachu, Dimension Exploring Yellow Puffle, any thing that can tell it stories of traveling to unexplored places.

Dislikes: People not having a story to tell, normal things, boring lives, everything in clubpenguin EXCEPT the Dimension Exploring Creatures.

Quick report:

When the dimensions clicked, things of mirages lost that ability. Puffles stopped having a mystery, they all appeared at once. Kecleon and Glicer were revealed instantly. Glicer was so outraged that he started to destroy the Johto region. Luckily, the two exploring creatures soothed it with tales of adventure. There is so much more to say but I want a surprise!

Well… that’s the layout you HAVE to have. (You don’t need a picture!)

Well… I want some good ideas! I want to have a lot more than just my creativity! It would be A LOT more fun that way… (Note when your character is added, your trainer or clubpenguin name will be added with it, as long as you give it with your creature, making you part of the story. And if you have a blog, when your name appears the first time, there will be an link to it!)


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