The page for all things clubpenguin. Talk about puffles, penguins, games, and coins. There are no contests I can think of at the moment. But that doesn’t mean one won’t happen eventually! Also here, you can think comment about clubpenguin reviews and if you really want to, give away your account (It isn’t a good idea, though) Puffles here can also can be created. Your probably wondering, what on earth does he mean? Well I mean that you can say “I make a *Any puffle color,including made up ones* And then name it something (No bad words or sexual words, please(I was also told by people to say that, I don’t give names) Then make comments saying stuff like this or anything like this *Remember, site rules apply* I fed my puffle and it was happy! Or something goofy like this… I fed my puffle my couch! Have fun with your pretend pet! And here’s a clubpenguin picture just to give this place a good clubpenguin feeling!



2 Responses to “Clubpenguin Page”

  1. pufflemon Says:

    Ah… don’t you love the good ol clubpenguin art or old ideas clubpenguin used to have… if I had a time machine I’d go back in time and say to Clubpenguin “Disney will put Clubpenguin in ruins!” This picture soothes me… ah…

  2. bronnia728 Says:

    hi nice blog you have,and cool picture of clubpenguin.i go to that website my self

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