Pika! Pika! This is the Pokemon Page! The Pokemon page is the page that discusses all things Pokemon. This page updates with the latest Pokemon trends! Like my Friend Code (FC for short), favorite Pokemon, upcoming events, and well, Pikachu fans are welcome, because I occasionally give a shiny Pikachu to the first person to say “Pika!” on the Super Pika Post that occasionally will pop up ! Also here’s my FC! Friend code: (Platinum) 1333 3881 9169. Name: Nick (I think the name is cool, OK?). Oh yes, I also have rare Pokemon to trade, like a Raikou, Suicune, and Entai! Here, you can give out your friend codes so we can meet each other, or if you want to keep it personal and just for me, I’ll keep your comment in moderation. You can talk about your favorite Pokemon, favorite Item, and favorite type!

Note: To get your Shiny Pikachu, you must give me your Friend Code and Pokemon character name so I can get the Pikachu to you!

Feel free to talk about Pokemon here!


3 Responses to “Pika Pika Pokemon Page”

  1. justinslem4 Says:

    If you like Pokemon Help the Pokemon Company make a remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver on the nintendo DS by commenting on

  2. pikes32 Says:

    In Platinum, I can’t catch Moltres! D:

  3. frozen99 Says:


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