This is pufflemon the series. The fusion of Pokemon and Clubpenguin. Let’s start with chapter one, here we go! Storyilizing process indicated. Preparing transportation to story world… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO!
Chapter One… this begins now…
Chapter One: The Beginning (Background music, Chapter One Part 1 music, you can change the music when said, or just keep playing it if you like it!)
Gary the Gadget Guy and Team Galactic were working on the same project. A machine that could cross into different worlds. Ironically, they had a working machine and test at the same time! Gary said “Turn it on Rookie!.” Rookie scrambled. While in the Pokemon World, Charon hit the Launch Experiment button the same time Rookie hit on. The two space time drills crashed into each other! Gary and Charon gasped at the same time “A dimensional lock!” The turned there drills on turbo mode so the could destroy the “dimensional lock”.A huge explosion came from the machines. Charon ran over to his dimension map. He screamed “We’ve hit CPXD103986!” Cyrus said “Does that mean this is a success?” Charon replied “Sort of…” Suddenly a portal appeared! A yellow puffle came to Gs experiment room and the yellow puffle got sucked in! A pikachu came in to Charon’s laboratory and also got sucked in! A huge icon appeared on all the computers saying: FUSION! FUSION! FUSION! FUSION! WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!. Then the story starts out to get to the good parts. (Change music to Chapter One, part 2 music!)

Pikachu and the puffle flew through a huge void with the color constantly changing. The lands clicked together making a whole new world.  A pink, blue, and black light flashed and the worlds made a large sound that sounded like CLICK! The puffle was on the floor of the experiment room. Charon stared in amazement at the puffle. While on the clubpenguin side, G stared at the Pikachu. Rookie took the Pikachu while G examined the islands damage. “It seems that we connected with PKMNXD459212!” G stepped up to the border and saw that the world was split into one big globe. Charon said “I guess CPXD103986 has creatures of it’s own. I also noticed that our connection point is Snowpoint City.” G walked through the border and saw a bunch of trainers that didn’t even notice him. He then saw a Piplup and said “Are you lost uhhh… where’s your name tag?” “PIPLUP!”screamed the mini penguin. BOOM! G was blasted into Lake Acuity’s water. He swam to the cavern…

Chapter Two: The Power Of Uxie

(Music:Chapter Two Part Two)

He finally made it, gasping for breath. He coughed up a Magikarp and continued on. He saw Uxie resting on a rock. G walked up to it, checking around. He saw Uxie smack him with his tails. G jumped on his feet err… flippers and ran off. To late! Uxie was ahead of him! This battle begins..

(Music Change! Chapter Two Part Two!)

G ran to a wall and screamed. Uxie hurtled at him. G ran to the puddle and tripped. Uxie smacked right into him. G flew into a wall and screamed. Uxie was to good for him! G hit Uxie on the head with a rock. Worst idea ever. Uxie was infuriated by being hit so hard with a huge rock. G screamed “My calculations were incorrect, PKMNXD oh… who cares about the numbers, is not the world we hoped it was! It’s much more violent!” While G was complaining, Uxie took advantage of this. He floated in front of him. He slowly opened his eyes. A golden light came from his pure black pupil-less eyed. Two red beams locked his stare with Gs eyes and started to lose his memory. G  turned golden colored and his mouth opened. A light came from it and a huge explosion happened. G layed down in the puddle while Uxie closed his mind blowingly powerful eyes.Uxie floated deep down into the caverns so he wouldn’t have to be seen again. Rookie ran super fast inside acuity cavern. G  said “Who am I? Who are you? Where am I? What am I? What are you? When am I?” Rookie responded” Let’s get you back to the lab.

To be continued on May 14th!


One Response to “Pufflemon The Series: Chapter Two Ready!”

  1. pufflemon Says:

    Careful, things can get confusing here. After all, you’ll need to know a lot about both topics! Also, it may contain spoilers for both games!

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