OK! This is a quite simple page. We have shiny Pokemon contests every now and then. I know that it is probably what most sites have and all. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun here. Sure it’s kinda pointless to be here until the contest happens, but that means we can talk about Shiny Pokemon while we wait for a contest. Maybe we could even make our own Pokemon shiny forms here when the New Pokemon page comes out, or the Holiday Pokemon shop. There are high hopes for this place! Well let’s get into the details for the contest:

May 13th or 14th will be a contest for a…

It is level 100, male, holding a light ball, and has very high stats(You can thank those Stat Upper items and Berries!) Here’s how to win it:

Say the word Shiny Pika! once. That’s it! Just look for it on the main page! And this picture contains pictures of shiny Pokemon all over it!

Shiny Pokemon

*I found the picture on another website, found it with Google image results*

So uhhh…
Shiny Pikachu is coming soon!


One Response to “Shiny Pokemon Page”

  1. frozen99 Says:

    shiny pika 😀

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